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Hypertension is known as risk factor of chronic renal disease with higher prevalence in men . As a pilot study, the effect of angiotensin (Ang) 1-7 receptor (MasR) antagonist; A779 on renal function in male and female of two kidneys - one clip (2K1C) hypertensive rats was investigated. The animals’ systolic blood pressure was 152±2.3 mmHg. No significant difference was detected in normalized RPP between male and female rats during saline or A779 administration. The significant reduction of urine flow (UF) and creatinine clearance (CrCL) were detected by A779 infusion in male and female rats when compare vehicle treated rats.  The study indicated that female has more UF and CrCL than male, and A779 attenuate CrCL and UF and abolish sex difference in hypertensive rats.
Types of Manuscript: Letter to the editor | Subject: Renal Physiology/Pharmacology

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