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-Ferdous M R, Song Y. Pharmacological potential of ferulic acid for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and its mechanism of action: Review. Physiol Pharmacol 2022; 26 (4) :345-362
URL: http://ppj.phypha.ir/article-1-1799-en.html
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Recently, obesity causes vital mortality around the globe. Last decade, obesity-related diseases increased significantly worldwide. Even though, effective drugs are not available to treat metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s, obesity, and hypertension. Emergence and identifying new drug moieties to treat such metabolic diseases became imperative. Nature is a vital source of remedies and isolates new effective and nontoxic drug candidates. Ferulic acid is a significant phenolic compound that is abundant in various fruits, rice oil, and vegetables. This study highlighted the beneficial effects of ferulic acid for the treatment of metabolic syndrome or obesity. Similarly, in this study, we have highlighted the therapeutic purpose of ferulic acid in treating metabolic syndrome, its mechanism of action as well as its potential pharmacological effect using animal models. Further investigations are needed to demonstrate the significant mechanism of action in clinical trials using the human species.
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Types of Manuscript: Review | Subject: Pharmacokinetics/Dynamics

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