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Introduction: Plant phenolics have been used as food additives thantks to  their  preventives of various diseases.
Aim: The study evaluated the effect of Ruta chalepensis  extracts on α-amylase n vitro, in body gain, type 2 diabetes, lipid profile and in obesity-induced liver-kidney-heart toxicities.
Methods: Male Wistar rats with an average weight of 165 g were randomly divided into four groups. Group C was given no treatment and served as the control group. Group HFFD: rats fed high-fat fructose diet.  Groups Ruta chalepensis extract (RCE) and Acar: HFFD rats received 200 mg/kg bw of RCE or 10 mg/kg bw of standard drug acarbose daily by grastric gavage method. Three months later,  the pancreas, small intestine was removed. The α-amylase activity was measured and histopathological assessment of liver, kidney and heart was realized.
Results: In vitro study, Ruta chalepensis extracts  significantly inhibited pancreas  α-amylase activity in dosage dependent manner. In HFFD-rats, the administration of RCE inhibited intestinal key enzyme related to carbohydrate digestion and absorption such as intestinal, pancreatic and blood α-amylase activities by 25, 22 and 27%, which decreased the blood glucose level  by 22% and ameliorated insulin sensitivity by oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Moreover, administration of RCE to HFFD-induced type 2 diabetes normalized lipid profile, and protected liver-kidney functions, showed by biochemical analysis  and histological evaluation.
Conclusion: this study demonstrates that R. chalepensis is a good functional food for the diabetics by the regulation of blood glucose level,  lipid profile  and protection from liver-kidney toxicities.

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