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Background: The effects of crocin and stress have been proved on different aspect of brain functions. Chronic isolation stress is prevalent in todaychr('39')s world. Therefore, this study investigated the impact of crocin and chronic isolation stress on learning, memory and brain electrical activity in male rats.
 Methods: Forty male Wistar rats were allocated to six groups: control, sham, chronic isolation stress­(CSI), two stress groups receiving different doses of crocin (CIS-Cr30 and CIS-Cr60). Both chronic isolation stress­­(6h/day) and crocin administration were induced for 21 days. The passive avoidance test evaluated initial and step-trough latencies (IL and STL, respectively) as well as total dark stay time. Also, different brain waves were measured as brain electrical activity by EEG recording.
Results: The STL declined in the CIS group, while significantly increased in only CIS-Cr60 group. Also, the total dark stay time increased in the CIS group, whereas it decreased by crocin (30 and 60­mg/kg) in isolation stress condition. The percentage of beta and alpha waves decreased in the CIS group, while these waves increased in the CIS-Cr60 compared to CIS group. In addition, the percentage of the theta and delta waves decreased by crocin at dose of 60 mg/kg.
 Conclusion:­Chronic isolation stress was severity destructive and changed alpha, beta and theta waves, as well as learning, memory and memory consolidation. Only high dose of crocin protected memory deficit and affected all brain waves in chronic isolation stress states. Finally, both low and high doses of crocin protected memory consolidation in chronic isolation stress.
Types of Manuscript: Experimental research article | Subject: Blood and Immune System

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