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Seiiedy M, Salehi C, Ghasemnejad Berengi M, karimipour M, Rezaie J, Babataheri S et al . Cardioprotective effects of Ganoderma lucidum on isoproterenol–induced heart failure. Physiol Pharmacol 2023; 27 (3) :271-282
URL: http://ppj.phypha.ir/article-1-2001-en.html
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Introduction: Ganoderma lucidum (G. lucidum), a medicinal mushroom, exerts protective effects on cardiovascular diseases but, it’s effect in isoproterenol-induced heart failure has not been studied. Therefore, the aim of the present study was whether G. lucidum has protective effects in isoproterenol-induced heart failure.
Methods: Thirty male Wistar rats were assigned into five groups (n=6) of control, heart failure (HF) and G. lucidum (50, 100 and 200mg/kg). For induction of HF in rats, isoproterenol (5mg/ kg) was injected subcutaneously for two weeks. In G. lucidum treated groups, G. lucidum was orally gavaged for three weeks and on day 8 isoproterenol was injected for two weeks. Then, Electrocardiogram pattern and cardiodynamic parameters, as well as myeloperoxidase activity, malondialdehyde level, cardiac remodeling and apoptosis were studied.
Results: G. lucidum improved hemodynamic factors such as mean arterial blood pressure as well as electrocardiogram pattern. Pre-treatment with G. lucidum also decreased myeloperoxidase activity, malondialdehyde level and apoptosis in cardiac tissue. Histopathologic results showed a decrease in cardiac necrosis and fibrosis. However, it had no significant effect on cardiac hypertrophy.
Conclusion: Our results show that pre-treatment with G. lucidum demonstrates protective effects against HF, and thereby suggest that G. lucidum can be considered as a possible clinical use for preventive and adjuvant treatment in heart failure.

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